Top 5 Doctor Who Doctors


BTW: The 50th..I can’t even start on how amazing it was. All the cameo’s TOM BAKER AND PETER CAPALDI. I screamed, cried, and died. Words seriously cannot describe Steven Moffat’s work.

5. Sylvester McCoy

There’s just something about him that just makes you wanna smile and have a good time. But when its time to get serious, he gets serious.   Which I  love cause there’s that spark of maturity that you know is there. You can even see it on his face ^-^. His companion Ace, AMAZING, she seriously is a true companion to him. Both of them fit together so well.

4. Jon Pertwee

He gives a more logical  and scientific quality in the doctor that makes the watcher think more than they should. For me, that’s one aspect that I love about the 3rd Doctor.

3. David Tennant

Allons-y! How can one not love David Tennant?  He literally brings what McCoy and Pewtwee have, mixed in one. He is literally a doctor. He wants to help people, not hurt them or leave them to die, but seriously trying to help them by asking them how can he help or telling them that he will help. Wibbily Wobbly Timey Wimey..Stuff.  I do ship him and Rose. He seriously starts to show his feelings progressively in the new series….DOOMSDAY *SO MANY TEARS*

2. Tom Baker

Would you like a Jelly Baby? This was a hard one because both Tennant and Baker are similar in what they portray for the doctor, but at the same time they are completely different, in terms of personality and relationship with their companions wise. Tom seriously is amazing, there are no other words to describe him. He brings laughter,  imagination, love, care, I cannot get over it.

1. Matt Smith

GERONIMO! Some of you guys are probably like what? How can you beat Baker and Tennant?  Well, when I first got into the fandom my first doctor was Matt and my first episode was Vincent and the doctor. I could not contain myself with how much personality he gives to the character.  He is the mad man with a box. His methods don’t normally look smart, but at the end of it you’re like “OH MY GOSH THAT IS GENIUS”. I am not prepared for this upcoming Christmas Special, I cannot wait to see Matt’s performance and Peter Capaldi’s first appearance.

These are all my opinions, in terms of who I would most likely want to travel with and watch 24/7, but these wonderful beautiful men all 13 (John Hurt included) have all or will do an amazing job with the show.

Until Next Time,

Jackie ❤


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Doctor Who Doctors

  1. Being a child of the 60’s my top 5 would always feature more of the classic era as oppose new Who. So for me its

    5 Colin Baker (shock horror!)
    4 William Hartnell
    3 Patrick Troughton
    2. Tom Baker
    1. Jon Pertwee

    1&2 were MY doctors.
    Paul McGann would have gone in at 4 if he had had a full series.
    John Hurt would have got no.5 if he had a full series. This would be a golden opportunity for the bbc to do a mini-series maybe a 4 parter late at night past the childrens 9pm watershed of a very VERY dark time-war adventure with Daleks of course or Derek Jacobi returning as the Master maybe?
    David Tennant would be my pick of the new Doctors at no.6

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