The Book of Ruth: Chapter 2


Last chapter, we went a bit deep about Ruth and Naomi, what we see in the relationship between them. The 2 women arrive at Bethlehem and there Ruth needs to find work to bring food, so she goes and picks grain at the fields. Here she meets the handsome Boaz, who owns the fields. I’m sure God was like ” YEA! THAT’S HIM!” Go to him! GOO”

As we continue to read on, verse 8-9, Boaz says “Dear Woman, listen to me. Don’t pick up gain in any other field. Stay here with my female servants keep your eye on the field where the men are cutting grain. Walk behind the men who are gathering it. Pick up what is left. I’ve told the men not to touch you. When you are thirsty go and get a drink. Take water from the jars the men have filled”

Don’t you just feel the love sprouting? I can. You notice how Boaz treats her so kindly and sweetly.

Soon later in the chapter when food is about to be eaten, Boaz invites Ruth to eat with him. Then he tells his men to help her pick the grain from the ground. (2:15-16) In the end she at least had more than half of a bushel.

I think what we can learn out of this chapter is that God has someone for you and everyone else in the world!

God Bless,

Jackie ❤


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