DIY Air Freshener

034Do you have a smelly house? I know I do. I have 2 inside dogs, both are adorable, but the smell… Eck gad! This DIY shows you how to refreshen your house in a natural homemade way.   037 

W H A T?
-1-4 Cups of Any Type of Fruit or Herb that you want your house to smell like (I used Mint Leaves)
-10 Drops of Essential Oil of Any Smell
-1 Cup of Baking Soda
-A Stovepot                                                                                                                           -Water

H O W?


First, start off with putting water into your pot, about 1/2- 3/4 Full, just eyeball it. Set it on high into a boil.


Gather your oils, fruits, or herbs and baking soda, then once the water is boiling, place the ingredients inside, close the lid and let it boil for about 2-4 minutes.


Lastly set it down to a small-medium heat and let it sit there to simmer it’s glorious aroma.

W H Y?

Here’s the why on the ingredients to make the air freshener.

029Baking Soda- This helps by neutralizing and cutting away the odors.


Essential Oils: These oils actually can be a huge impact on daily life. Such as an addition to laundry detergent, taking away the foul odors and disinfecting germs even a bug spray. The oils help not only by masking the smell but really cutting away the odors Also, its a base, thereby neutralizing the acidic odors that may lurk in your house.


Fruits and Herbs- These mostly help on the pleasant scent the air freshener gives off.

 Live Long and Prosper, Hope you liked the DIY!

Jackie ❤


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