Top 5 Doctor Who Doctors

AS A CELEBRATION OF THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY THAT JUST PASSED I WILL SAY MY TOP 5 DOCTORS  AND THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL THAT IS SOON TO COME! BTW: The 50th..I can’t even start on how amazing it was. All the cameo’s … Continue reading

DIY Air Freshener

Do you have a smelly house? I know I do. I have 2 inside dogs, both are adorable, but the smell… Eck gad! This DIY shows you how to refreshen your house in a natural homemade way.     W H … Continue reading

About Me

Hello People of the World!                                                                                                                                           


My name is Jackie Tran, sort of rhymes with Jackie Chan. Shh I’m secretly his alter ego. Just kidding. No, but seriously.

Anyway about myself.

First off, I really want to give everything that has happened to me for the past few years to Jesus Christ. He has done crazy miraculous things for me, it has been practically a roller coaster, but amazing all in one. I thought, at first that I was completely incapable to open an Etsy store and actually be successful. I was truly wrong, God has made every door possible for this to happen and it’s exciting. It’s almost invigorating to see what God has next in store for me. 

A bit about my personality, I am a spazztic, nerdy, fangirl. I love Sci-Fi, Mysteries, and anything British, preferably the men that reside there also, (i.e Benedict Cumberbatch). I love to make things, like crafting, ever since I was a kid, I always loved to cut up fabric or cardboard to make something. Now, I actually make most of my stuff, like my clothes, my accessories, iPhone cases, etc. and its crazy fun cause it keeps the creative juices flowing. Whenever I have down time, I love to read or watch netflix.  If there is nothing to eat at home, I normally cook and I enjoy trying to find a new recipe to use to make amazing food to eat, although, I prefer baking, it’s more calming and at the end you get to have a sweet warm treat for all your hard work!

Now you know a bit more about me, so what about you? In this blog I plan to show you some DIYs, more about my life involving Etsy, some recipes, reviews on some t.v shows or movies I recently watched, and even some devotionals from time to time! Comment below on what you would like me to talk about!

Live Long and Prosper and God Bless,

Jackie ❤


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A Person is A Person No Matter How Small – Dr. Seuss

New Blog!

Hi There!

Welcome to my new Blog! Unfortunately, the previous blog that I had, did not suit my needs. Fortunately, wordpress does!

In this blog, I will be talking about, DIY’s, recipes, devotionals and maybe reviews on some T.V Show or Movie.

Live Long and Prosper,

Jackie ❤